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Address: Gospodar Jovanova 43
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +38164 333 8845
Email: office@balloonera.com
Website: www.balloonera.com

About Us

Meet the team & our story
The idea behind Balloonera consists in creating a network of objects or physical devices, in the form of hardware, software, sensors, protocols and interconnectivity, the objective of which is the creation of a multifunctional platform.
The platform enables the gathering and exchange of data, using internal storage as well as cloud support, along with data monitoring through custom made applications. Device communication enabled through our network infrastructure allows direct integration of the physical world into computer systems, resulting in higher efficiency, precision and economic benefit.


On demand scientific balloon analysis on the Edge of Space.

Minimizing flight preparation time and providing better User Experience during launch and recovery process, focusing on reliability and endurance.


Our goal is to pave the way for conquering space and provide solutions for institutes, as well as for nations and average individuals.

Meet the Team

A team that aims to change the way You look at the Internet of Things

Mentors & Friends

We are all final year students, with a long history of friendship strengthened with working together on various projects for University and private companies. Team will grow in the upcoming months along with members doing scientific experiments. Our mentors are professors from the faculty of Electrical Engineering, faculty of Medicine, faculty of Biology and faculty of Forestry.