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Address: Gospodar Jovanova 43
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +38164 333 8845
Email: office@balloonera.com
Website: www.balloonera.com


High Altitude Ballooning

Edge of Space Exploration and Transportation

On demand scientific balloon analysis on the Edge of Space

Carried by a meteorological balloon, the platform can reach altitudes above 100.000 ft and gather data from multiple sensors.



Complex atmospheric conditions on the Edge of Space make it a great place to perform all kinds of experiments, therefore significantly lowering the exploration and simulation costs in the fields like telecommunications, medicine, genetics, astronomy, photography and advertising.


After Felix Baumgartner and Alan Eustace jumped from the Edge of Space and broke world records, a lot of people tried to perform experiments and sell technology for sending a meteorological balloon to the Edge of Space. The community is constantly growing and so is the need for a unified platform.

There are a lot of products on the market used for near space explorations, but that is not their primary purpose. Therefore, there is a high chance of losing or freezing equipment.

Using higher quality modules and algorithm optimization, we are making a product that is transmitting data collected by the space capsule.

Space Transportation

We are delivering a service of Space Exploration and Transportation of items, along with remote sensing, and we will soon start to ship our product.

Product Service
Space transportation and locating
Space photography
Scientific experiments on the edge of space
Remote atmospheric sensing and data analytics